Art day

Usually, we get to see Satomi and Enzo on Mondays, most often at Rose’s house but today at ours. 4 hours passed  by like a breeze with lots of good talking and laughters, music and art, food and other yum. Such a nice start for a new week; we were all happy.

Here are some other recent pieces by “artist” Sam Tran 🙂

“Cá và Gấu” vẽ tặng ông bà ngoại

* Remember to introduce music and art into your baby’s life, while not forgetting the importance of his/her physical activities.

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One Response to Art day

  1. Olive says:

    Bác thích nhất bức đầu tiên của Voi. Mẹ Voi cho vào khung treo lên nhà trang trí được đấy nhỉ.

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