Pacific Science Center

After almost 10 years being friends and more than 3 years not seeing each other, I get to welcome Wakana to our little home Fall this year! It is so fun to gossip all again about the people we know, such a blast from the past ;). And of course, travel around beautiful Seattle!

For Wakana’s first day of adventure in Seattle, we decided to go to the Pacific science center.What a world for science lovers, or probably for just anybody! Sam had a great time trying all the music instruments, playing little games, and running off his steam inside the buildings.This is absolutely a much better investment than the Children’s museum, or even the Aquarium.

It was a fun short trip although  at the end, I ran out of battery and needed a quick charge, so I felt asleep during the last 10 minutes of the 3-D “Legend of flight” show. No one was supposed to know (as we all had our 3-d glasses on), but the bad
nachos decided to drop out of my hands and that was when my husband started laughing at me.

For a few hours, we finished visiting only half of the area. We’ll come back soon!

Having a cold does not stop you from dancing around

Video of a butterfly coming off its cacoon

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