Holiday season

For me, it is not so bad that we are now entering the rainy & gloomy season, a very typical taste of Seattle that one can do nothing but enjoy ;). To be honest, I am quite excited about this time of year because soon enough, we’ll get to celebrate holidays after holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Tet- Vietnamese New Year, Valentine, and then Spring again is when I may get to see my mom!

This year, we had a fun Halloween which started off at The Farm in Snohomish. We surely enjoyed a day away from the city, with piglets, kittens, duck race, tractor ride, and tons of pumpkins, etc. It was my first time going pumpkin patch (if my memory serves me right) as well as Wakana’s and Sam’s; therefore, not much expectation turned out nicely into a good number of surprises.

On Friday, Sam dressed up as Elmo and went trick or treat at daddy’s workplace. Besides the excitement of getting lots of candies, Sam also enjoyed quite a bit the attentions that other kids were giving him – they thought he was the real Elmo! The close friend of Halloween, sugar rush, ended our Friday with lots of dancing and laughing performed by [you know who].

This year,  Sam received his Elmo costume from a family in the area and also got to share his previous costume from last year with one of his buddies. Isn’t it a pleasant Halloween, in the spirit of sharing, shall I say 🙂

How these 2 Sams have grown up from last Halloween!

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4 Responses to Holiday season

  1. Chummy says:

    Yeu chu’ Elmo nay qua’! Halloween vui the. Khi nao xuong day trick-or-treat di 🙂

  2. Ba` (Columbia, SC) says:

    Tro+`i!! Voi de^~ thuo+ng qua’, to’c da`i ro^`i, la`m sao ba` ga(.p dduoc cha’u dda^y????
    Elmo na`y thiet la a^’n

  3. Moon says:

    ONi ơi, cả nhà con nhớ những ngày ở nhà ONi quá :). Con mong sớm gặp lại O.

    Aunt Chummy sinh em bé đi để còn đi xin kẹo cùng Voi hihi

    • Ba` (Columbia, SC) says:

      Ba` mo+’i mo+? ra xem hinh Voi la.i va` dda~ dde^? hi`nh Elmo be^n ca.nh piano la`m desktop background trong so+~ ro^`i , Khi na`o bu+.c mi`nh tha(`ng xep thi` nhi`n hi`nh Voi la het gia^.n no’ lien :))!! Thanks.

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