Sunday fiesta

For lunch, we had Japanese (tofu burger, mushroom rice), French/American (quiche, stuffed pumpkin), Vietnamese (BBQ pork) – how I appreciate the diverse community we are living in! Such a yummy oishi potluck.

For dinner, we had rau muống xào gạch tôm, gỏi cuốn, mắm nêm, cá rán, tempura. Ực ực. This was planned shortly before it happened but look how well the food turned out. I guess the spontaneous element made things tastier ;), plus we had another excellent chef (besides myself hehe). Eyes were way bigger than stomachs. Voi didn’t eat much but us 4 adults were nailed down.

Mouth-watering food, awesome friendship, and great conversations made our yesterday a wonderful Sunday.

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One Response to Sunday fiesta

  1. coHien says:

    ak ak, killed me softly!!!

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