We had a short camping trip to the…living room the other night. It felt pretty cool to sleep inside this huge tent without having to experience the cold and windy weather. Sam really liked it, and so did I. I am hoping weather to get warm and clear up soon so that we could take him on a real trip; and it would be nice to find some company. Can’t wait!

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4 Responses to Camping

  1. Chummy says:

    OI’ gioi`, tent toooooo the’, nha Chummy cung vua mua duoc 1 cai tent nhung nho xiu’ (3 person) hom nao len di camping theo nhe’ 🙂

  2. tkdung says:

    hấp dẫn đấy, cho nhà Dung đi ké nhé 😉

  3. Moon says:

    hẹn các chị em trời ấm lên mình đi nhé 😀

  4. coHien says:

    sáng tạo quá, bravo!!!

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