On the running deal

Another good investment that I made…

After a lot of researching (I really meant “a lot” lol), I finally got my husband a nice pair of running shoes. I never knew that there were different types of shoes for different types of feet, never mind brands, product lines, colors, etc!!!

My husband’s got flat and big feet (aka over-pronator), so I went online to zappos.com and decided to go with the ASICS GEL-Kayano® 16 and ASICS Gel-Evolution™ 5 (he will have to return one of them, of course, hehe). He really likes the Kayano. yay! Also, as convenient as could be, I got myself an  ASICS Gel-Nimbus® 12 😀 – top of the line for under-pronator feet like mine, which have also been proven the most successful shoes Asics ever made! My 4-year old athletic shoes can now retire – Thank you, darling, for your faithful service 🙂

Let’s go running!

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