…and it begins

Sam and I started a little read-a-thon today. We made it to the 105th book and decided to begin the count-down from there.  ah..how many days will it take 🙂

For a while now it has been our favorite thing to travel to second-hand stores to look for more books. I am really glad that Goodwill and Value Village near by the house have great collections of books (and lots of other things) for less than $1 each. The Seattle public library is also a wonderful source where we visit quite often to borrow stuff, or sometimes just for Sam to run around and play with new  friends. ( I love our Ballard neighborhood!)

Sam’s funny pose (he really stood still like that for 5 secs)

And mom through Sam’s lense 😀

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2 Responses to …and it begins

  1. Chummy says:

    Me xinh con dang yeu… Ca nha de thuong 🙂

  2. coHien says:

    yehhhhhhhh, lâu lắm rồi cô Hiền mới mò vào đây được, mẹ trẻ ra con già đi, great!!!

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