Happy birthday(s)

Dear Mr. Scarry, I’ve been enjoying your books a lot. My good friend, Sammy, and his mom got me a copy of your “Cars and trucks and things that go” a while ago, which I’ve read over and over. I’ve also collected 2 others copies, one of which I’ll share with my cousin in Luxembourg, baby Tha`nh. The other, I think I’ll give to a good friend of me. I’ve got a few very nice collections by other authors and yours is always one of my most favorites. I am far away from collecting all the books you’ve written, but I am on my way! Thank you and I hope you have a nice birthday up there today :).

Tomorrow is my grandma’s birthday (my dad’s mom). I talked to her on the phone and said “happy birthday, grandma”. She was really happy to hear me saying it clearly. Wow, how grandmas can easily be pleased! 😀

A few days ago was my mom’s birthday. I felt that she had a nice birthday although we didn’t have a big celebration. My dad got her a great gift; she uses it everyday and I do, too, as a tool to jump and sit on. My mom says No whenever I do that and starts chasing me; oh man I ruuun laughing to tears! Anyway, I saw my mom with great smile that day :). She told me that a few old friends  had emailed and messaged wishing her a happy birthday. I like it when we have friends that care. She also had a little party on facebook, which is cool, too. Finally, even though it was around my mom’s bday, I ended up receiving more gifts than she did. Thanks to chu’ Nu, chu’ Thien, Rathna & Somu, and my daddy. Being a kid feels awesome; or maybe just because I am cooler than my mom is 😛

June is a great month to be born in. That is why I wanted to fall into this month so bad but I still missed it by a couple of days. Good news, though, is that July is better :). This July, I’ll be 3!!! Wow, how time flies, although I have no idea what “time” actually is; but I promise that I’ll learn more about it once I get a little older!

Happy (almost?) summer!


(viết theo cảm nhận của mẹ)

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5 Responses to Happy birthday(s)

  1. Chummy says:

    Voi dang yeu qua’. Hom no nghi ko biet co phai sinh nhat nang Nguyet ko hay la ngay 6/6 moi sn, my bad 😦 Happy belated birthday nha’! Sap sinh nhat Voi nua chu’, nhanh that day. Duoc tang qua gi ma co ve sung suong the?

  2. Moon says:

    hihi thanks nàng. được tặng cái chống đau lưng lúc dùng internet trên giường lol..Ôi nhớ những ngày tháng được Chummy đấm lưng tẩm quất (and vice versa :P) hàng tiếng đồng hồ đến lúc ngủ gật.

  3. Tú Hằng says:

    Chummy dam lung lau the co a, khi nao gap Chummy cho chi vai cu’ tam quat nhe…A quen mat chua comment la bai cam nhan cua Voi rat thu vi!!!!

  4. cohien says:

    ôi xấu hổ quá, lâu lắm ko vào blog của Voi 😦 :”> :-*

  5. Moon says:

    he?m seo..de me Voi thinh thoang nhac kheo co Hien cung dc ma 😀

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