Why I like Amazon

I do not like Amazon from the perspective of a spouse of an employee 🙂

I like it from the point of view of a regular customer. Amazon.com has made shopping task  easier and much more convenient. Its cheap prices on thousands and thousands of items (although I don’t shop them all), its free 2-day shipping for prime members/amazon moms/amazon students, its simplest 1-click and general check-out process, etc.. never fail to satisfy me (of course, I am a very easy and happy shopper) 🙂

What makes me like Amazon.com even more, above all these things, is that it manages its way to send me sweet surprises from time to time. A few months ago, at 6 a.m. the (1) day after I made an order through Amazonfresh.com, sitting next to the package that I had ordered was a bunch of roses with a little note “Just a way to show our appreciation”!!!  All the hubbies in the world, be Amazonfresh! (except for mine, as he already is.. hehe).

A couple days ago, I was trying to return 1 item that my husband had ordered but ended up not using (with him sitting next to me saying “don’t even bother; we’ll turn it into something for kid to use”). I still wanted to return it anyway and blowing me through the roof (amazingly) was a little window that popped up and said “You don’t have to return it to get the full refund.It’s on us”. ~$17 saved, time saved and wow happiness on everyone’s world, plus Sam got a little addition to his room for him to doodle.

Amazon, keep up the good work (while not draining your employees, just saying :D)! And Sam, keep on drawing!

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