A happy note

Hôm trước đi họp cho Voi, cô nhận xét về Voi như vầy nè 🙂

– His math is amazing. He could do much more at school but other kids are not up to his level yet, so he’d rather hang out with his friends (making paper airplanes,  building, etc) than do extra curriculum stuff. He would be a great engineer in the future 🙂
– He is very social.
– He is very patient with me. He will find a way to explain what he wants to say.  When I say something he doesnot understand, he will tell me that he does not understand so i can explain again. Same thing with his friends. If someone knocked over what he had been building, he would say “stop doing that”; he does not get mad.
– He finds this world fascinating and wants to go explore. I don’t see that in a lot of kids nowadays anymore, maybe because of TV. Sam is always happy about things around him.
– He is a perfectionist. He does not want to look like he doesn’t know things, so usually he does not want to ask people for help. Fortunately, he is very intelligent and can figure out things on his own.
– His English is very good. He understands everything I say now (it was 50% at the beginning of the year).
– There is one test I do for kids entering kindergarten. I tell them to do 4 things in a row (give me 3 pencils, take 2 steps, put 1 ball in the box, show me 2 red books, etc) and I only say it once. Sam can remember exactly what I say and carry the tasks well. That is unusual for his age.

Cách đây ko quá lâu, bố mẹ còn đi họp cho mình. Vậy mà giờ đã đến lượt mình đi họp cho con. Ôi thời gian!

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2 Responses to A happy note

  1. Trung says:

    gioi qua, khong biet la do thien bam hay do cach day do huan luyen cua me Nguyet elite nhi, hehehe

  2. Moon says:

    hehe tỷ lệ là 99% và 1% cậu ạ, nhưng ko biết cái nào là 99 cái nào là 1 😀

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