happy 5th birthday

Summer in Seattle is gorgeous. This year summer is even more flourishing with the visit of my parents from Vietnam and sister’s family from Miami. That is an excuse for the delay of many posts, given the fact that a loadful of events have been packing up the days.

So to start, I’ll brief in a fun party that we had for Sam’s 5th birthday. This year, he specifically mentioned that he wanted to invite his friends over. With the big help of my sister (who is always one of the most fun and optimistic people on earth), husband, and a couple friends, I managed to make that happen and make that memorable. He and his friends had a great time, I hope. We and a couple other moms even talked about it today, 1 month later. I was one happy mama 🙂

DSC01926 DSC01950 DSC01981DSC01996

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