Till we meet again, Loyal Heights!

I didn’t anticipate that Sam’s last day of school would bring me so much emotion, in a good way, just as much as his first day did.

Yesterday when I was talking to a parent from Sam’s class, I asked him if he was ready for the summer. He told me “no, I don’t think I’ll ever be ” ; then he asked me “are you?” Even though I was the one who brought up the topic, I myself did not know the answer for it. Finally, I said “kind of..”. I did not go on to explain further except for mentioning about our summer trips including a road trip to Crater Lake. Jeez! You are not supposed to say that on the last days of school! Say something like “no, we love school so much that we want to stay here forever. Summer, dont you dare coming!!” 😀

Anyway, what I meant was that like many Seattle lovers, I was so ready for the perfect weather that Seattle summer has to offer; yet deep inside me, I somehow felt heartbroken that today would be our very very last day at Loyal Heights as Sam will be going to a different school next year.

Thinking back, certainly there were times when I found myself dragging through the loneliness; times when inside me was crying why there was not a single Asian parent in this classroom so I would feel more connected; times when I told myself that this community I did not belong to.

I knew I was wrong; so I tried harder. Many days after school for the last months, I stayed for hours waiting for Sam to play with his friends while I walked around with Alex and started meeting more people. I made more friends, had more laughter, and realized again that the white-people are just as kind (and many as shy!) if not kinder, the boys loved Alex, especially Max; and Alex loved all the attention. I’ve felt a big relieve for finally overcoming myself.

And now we say our tender good-byes, to our dedicated teacher, great friends, and the overall very nice community. We will have more playdates this summer and will keep in touch. But just as much sad as I am, I know this could very much be the beginning of something beautiful ahead of us.

Hello First-grade. Hello APP at Lincoln!

IMG_20140619_153711784 IMG_20140619_100909169 IMG_20140618_160733668 IMG_20140618_160722905IMG_20140514_162944636_HDRIMG_20140629_184555827

Thank you for spending enough time to understand our son and his boyish nature – “Sam has a wonderful sense of humor and I’ve enjoyed his play on words this last trimester. He is a clever young man and I wish him well in his future academic endeavors. Sam loves to play with numbers and words and often shared his insights and jokes with the class. He is a good citizen in class and a good friend to others. Have a great summer and keep in touch!”

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