the tri-miles

Slowly but surely, I made it to the first 5k of my life! Some months ago, I couldn’t imagine myself comfortably walking around Green Lake (2.8 miles), never mind running. Today, I was able to finish the loop nonstop for less than 35 mins.

Not sure if anyone else ever feels the same way; the race somehow reminded me of a pregnancy – 3 trimesters :).  The 1st mile – not quite as miserable as a morning sickness but I felt out of breath and extreme heat coming out the top of my head; it took some uneasy time for the heart to adjust. The 2nd mile – things got a lot more comfortable; I saw the sun smiling, the birds chirping, (the police staring :p), and felt like I could go for another 10 miles. The 3rd mile – heavy, my feet started to drag down and I desperately looked for the finish line; but once I crossed it, I burst into joy!

Thank you, family and friends, for supporting and joining me in this beautiful journey.

5k, 10k, half marathon, matter how far you can go, at the end of your day and your run, just being able to see this, I hope, will bring peace to your heart. It does to mine!


For the troop – Mr. Độc thân vui tính, 2 chị em họ Đoàn, 10k-man SH, chồng ko mập đáng yêu, and my special VK.

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