First tourny, First trophy

Dec 23rd, 2014

2 weeks ago, Sam left his first tournament with great excitement – He was bringing home his first trophy ever in his life! We, including Sam, all felt proud that he did overcome his lack of experience and many great chess players to do his best. He finally came in 2nd for first graders which in turn placed him in the top 10 1st- grader in Washington state, a result we never expected!

We do expect, however, that this result will change/ decrease/ increase as he enters more tournaments in the future. Nevertheless, it is not just the score, but the whole experience, the energy, his enjoyment and passion he’s put into each game that made us happy. Sam learned from that tournament, and from chess, the greater concept of patience, competence, fair play, and team work spirit.  He was as overly excited to come on stage with his friends to receive the 1st-place team trophy for Lincoln school as when he received his personal one. My husband told me that his friends all went “Sam! Sam!” when he proudly hold his trophy up high and yelled Yay!

To top that off, as a bonus, the next day at his last soccer game of the season, Sam scored a hat trick. Yes, A hat trick! He had hardly scored a goal ever in a soccer game  (I think there was once), never mind 3! I was so amazed to realize how these two sports complimented each other so beautifully for Sam and how full confidence had brought him all the way up there.

January 31st, 2015

Sam entered in his second tournament. The result was even sweeter than his previous one. It says on the school Thursday note:

Highlights from St. Thomas More Winter Classic:

First grader, Samuel, got 4th place (3.5 points) in the K-6 Open section.  He defeated 3rd, 4th, and 6th graders, as well as drawing against a 5th grader.  Samuel also received an Upset Medal for defeating a player with rating more than 200 points higher.
Yay for our little Sam. he is now number 6 in WA state ranking! Thanks, my husband, for his dedication to Sam’s road to loving chess!
“Tài sản” của Voi sau 6 tournaments của năm nay 🙂
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