Brown paper

This is exactly the season when people do not think about Christmas. It is 90 degree outside! However, I want to jot down something I did last Christmas for the kids that I really enjoyed  – books & brown paper.


Starting from the 12th day before Christmas, I gave each Sam and Alex 1 book a day until the day that Santa Clause was supposed to come. Each book was wrapped in simple brown paper, with red yarn tied around it and a little decoration (thanks to my very limited drawing skill). The boys got really excited about the books, sometimes too excited that they wanted to open them all at once, especially when they decided that the book they opened that day was not interesting enough. Anyhow, I tried my best to keep them patient and it worked out quite well. They enjoyed most of the books that I chose and I enjoyed watching them read as well as my wrapping style & technique.

As always, for me, Christmas is the season of love. It brings up the cozy vibe and makes people long for home (as opposed to Thanksgiving when I often feel lonely). I hope that when my kids are all grown up, they will remember and cherish this old time when nothing really matters more than the love, the laugh, and the life we share!

To my kids and their childhood!



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