My colorful ant

As quite a few people have said before, what a character he is! To me, he is a happy little human being pretending to be grumpy, a funny one trying to be serious, a brave boy who always gratefully takes on challenges. And above all, a smiley, sweet and loving son that our family is so fortunate to have. Here comes some of the moments that I captured in his 3rd year of life.

Here is how he is making a buffalo out of daddy


And here is how he is trying to be productive to help mommy 😀


What he is into these days include Peppa pig show, swimming, reading books, playing with his older brother, talking nonstop, etc.  He is a gem!! 🙂

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One Response to My colorful ant

  1. Trung says:

    3 dua tre con nha cau yeu qua nhi, dong luc de to phan dau ……… :D. Se phai co 1 co con gai.

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