A letter from the writing teacher

During these early years of Sam’s and Alex’s education, I’ve written many thank-you messages and letters to their teachers, on special occasions, at year-ends, or just when I feel grateful for their guidances. In these years, never have I expected a letter from a teacher thanking us for raising well our boys. That’s why this letter coming home yesterday brought me so much joy. It was also a surprise given his naughtiness and short temper toward his younger brother and parents :). As always, I am truly grateful for this community that we are living in for being able to recognize the good in others and express it; it’s the way to encourage everyone to do more good deeds and become a better person.

And as always, despite the many times I yell at my boys everyday :), I am utterly proud of them! Let them be kids, and let’s give them good guidance. Way to go, my Sammy boy!


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